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However, the Coolies are all armed, you have an additional posse of men from town backing you up, and nothing happens even if all the Coolies die. One of the missions in Homefront is to escort three fuel trucks that you’ve stolen from the North Koreans to the U.S Military. It’s listed under exceptions because even though the fuel trucks can’t defend themselves, you get a combat helicopter to protect them.
In one of the Midnighter Arc missions, you have to meet with an NPC named Lady Jane in a tunnel system under Steel Canyon, and then escort her to a chest located somewhere else in the tunnels. The problem is, every time Lady Jane gets within sniffing distance of a horde of bad guys, she whips out her pistols and starts blasting away. There is also the chapter where, as Mr. have a look here , you must find and “escort” Cassandra to the helipad. While the area between her and the helipad isn’t too large and enemies don’t actively go after her, one of the enemies has a N-Bomb that will easily kill Cassandra if he throws it.
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